Alternative Curriculum

In the digital world MD want to captivate people through creativity. Using creativity as a tool gain transferable skills, to become interview ready, be able to pitch ideas, hold a business meeting, prepare for work, to instil self-confidence & self-esteem. As well as help people to reach their full potential and achieve all of their hopes and dreams. Preparing for work is just life preparing for a performance.

MD will engage young people through a creative programme. Building confidence, selfesteem and transferable skills through a vocational journey achieving up to GSCE equivalent qualifications.

MD Programme is suitable for students aged 14-16 who are disengaged from mainstream education, those at risk of becoming NEET and those requiring placements up to 2 years.

The programme will run 2 days per week from MD city centre. Students will have the options of working towards:

  • Arts Award Bronze/Silver
  • NCFE
  • Credits towards BTEC Performing Arts