Enrichment Programme

MD Productions are delivering Enrichment provisions to Schools and Colleges, please see information below. Year 12 students to access a Creative Leadership Programme, gain transferable skills that will enrich their educational journey.

Students will learn how to be ‘Creative Leader’ identify and develop the skills needed for this role. They will plan, lead and deliver session to an outside audience as well as working creatively on inhouse productions.

Students will gain work experience on real life events/shows and workshops.

We aim to help the learners develop a set of transferrable skills that they can benefit from in everyday life, regardless of the subject special.

Through our enrichment programme, we use Performing Arts as a tool to engage the learners in different tasks. Combining functional skills and social skills to complete tasks or devise performances, in various creative and innovative ways. A creative leader is a young representative of your school/establishment. Over the period of the enrichment programme, we aim to provide in addition to help the learner devise, ‘a bag of tricks’. Within this ‘bag of trick’ there is resources including:

  • Ice breaker games
  • Confidence building activities
  • Presentation/delivery tools
  • Music
  • Communication tools (verbal and non-verbal) etc.

In addition to this set of skills, we aim to build a wide selection of transferrable skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Planning & Producing
  • Communication/Listening
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Negotiating
  • Performance
  • Presenting
  • Evaluation

Finally, all learners work towards a creative outlet within a live production Blank Canvas. The learners have the opportunity to support in-house productions leading up to the main performance of Blank Canvas. Moreover, the learners are guided to work on all aspects behind performing arts productions such as, budgeting, marketing, front of house etc. In order to make the sessions relatable for all the learners.