Miguel Doforo

Miguel Doforo, self-taught choreographer and creative director of MD Productions, has had a passion for performing arts from a young age. Since he began to dance Miguel has been inspired by the greats such as Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Janet Jackson and Madonna, taking influence from them to create his own style of dancing to teach in his dance classes which he calls 'The Doforo Technique' describing it as; "Dynamic, creative, explosive, versatile, diverse, individual, positive, resourceful, captivating."

Alongside dance, Miguel has a love for music which has led him to create a girl band, Girl Talk, and gain a slot on KCC Live at 2-3pm every Monay afternoon.

As well as performing arts Miguel has always had a passion to have a positive impact in his home city of Liverpool, inspiring people of all ages to pursue their dreams and instil them with the self-confidence to do so through creativity, which is where his idea for MD Productions community based project #BlankCanvas came from. He is a firm believer that we all learn in different ways, which is why he likes to offer '5 minutes of his time' to talk to people about their ambitions, helping to put them in the right direction to accomplish them.

For Miguel himself since opening MD Productions he has taken an interest in politics, wanting to further his knowledge of this to be able to have a voice and make a change across his city region, because you are never too old to set another goal.